Understanding the psychology of pay

Oct 22, 2019

9:45 am

Many organisations have strong beliefs when it comes to how pay is structured, and its impact on leadership behaviour and culture. This highly-interactive session will seek to challenge you on your attitudes to pay and delve into whether established practices deliver on the desired objectives of driving performance, improving productivity, managing risk or motivating and retaining key talent.

Adam Hall will examine the effectiveness of current models and their perceived value to employees; i.e. the psychology of pay. He will lead delegates through anonymous live-polling and ask what they feel about conventional arrangements, as well as which structures would engage them and their teams to perform at their best. Based on those responses, he will test the effectiveness of current programs in motivating and driving performance. Adam will then discuss alternate models that may deliver better outcomes for the business.

  • Adam Hall

    Future of Work Leader

    Willis Towers Watson

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