PANEL: Hybrid work arrangements: best of both worlds?

2:25 pm

Workplaces are becoming more mobile and transient, tailored to the demands of hybrid working and ‘drop-in’ workers. How can HR teams build a strong and cohesive sense of belonging, equality and purpose in a hybrid environment?

  • Overcoming challenges endemic to hybrid work arrangements
  • Ensuring equity between remote and office-based workers
  • How to provide a stimulating and inspiring space that is designed intentionally
  • Providing equal training and networking opportunities for remote and office workers in a hybrid context
  • How to run hybrid meetings to ensure equality between remote and office-based workers
  • Naomi White
    Naomi White


    Naomi White Consulting

  • Casey Hotham
    Casey Hotham

    Future Workplace Experience - Product Owner


  • Tracey Lake
    Tracey Lake

    Chief People Officer

    Great Southern Bank

  • Grant Mason
    Grant Mason

    General Manager Employee Relations and HR Shared Services

    Incitec Pivot

  • Barbara Fidock
    Barbara Fidock

    Director of People and Culture


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