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Welcome and opening remarks from the chair

Naomi White, Managing Director, MetamorphCo


CASE STUDY: Leading your HR strategy

This session will inspire you to develop, manage, lead and evaluate your HR programs with the confidence that you need to succeed.

  • Developing your strategic HR priorities in line with your corporate goals
  • Building support for your HR programs at all levels of the organisation, starting at the top
  • Keeping managers and employees engaged throughout your strategic journey

Adeline Hough, Executive General Manager, People and Culture, Multiple Sclerosis Queensland


Understanding the psychology of pay

Many organisations have strong beliefs when it comes to how pay is structured, and its impact on leadership behaviour and culture. This highly-interactive session will seek to challenge you on your attitudes to pay and delve into whether established practices deliver on the desired objectives of driving performance, improving productivity, managing risk or motivating and retaining key talent.

Adam Hall will examine the effectiveness of current models and their perceived value to employees; i.e. the psychology of pay. He will lead delegates through anonymous live-polling and ask what they feel about conventional arrangements, as well as which structures would engage them and their teams to perform at their best. Based on those responses, he will test the effectiveness of current programs in motivating and driving performance. Adam will then discuss alternate models that may deliver better outcomes for the business.

Adam Hall, Future of Work Leader, Willis Towers Watson


Morning tea


LEGAL UPDATE: Investigating bullying and harassment allegations & conducting effective workplace investigations

The #MeToo movement and high profile sexual misconduct allegations have elevated the profile of bullying and harassment in Australian workplaces. What HR policies and procedures will effectively prevent sexual harassment in the workplace?

  • Balancing pressure to ‘believe the women’ with employee rights to procedural fairness
  • Step-by-step guide to investigating sexual harassment and bullying complaints
  • How to handle confidentiality requests from complainants during workplace investigations
  • Dealing with false accusations – what penalties should apply?
  • Can HR professionals conduct sexual harassment investigations in the absence of an official complaint?

Bianca Seeto, Partner & Accredited Specialist,Workplace Relations, FCB Group  


CASE STUDY: The vital role HR plays in mergers

HR professionals play an active role in the change process by offering their interventions to help ensure a successful acquisition. Hear best practices in change management including:

  • Assisting employees with embracing change and culture
  • Identifying leaders from both the companies for effective people strategy
  • Training managers on the nature of change
  • Orientation programs on policies and procedures and performance management
  • Identifying the skills of people and mapping them appropriately

Merryl Dooley, Chief People Officer, Tabcorp


Networking Lunch


People, Culture Technology today - HR’s role to prepare organizations for the future

Digital technology is disrupting business models and radically changing the way we work. With automation increasingly disrupting the workforce, what will this mean for the future of HR departments?

  • Innovation as a ‘buzz word’, identifying where organizations are at and helping them transform
  • The opportunities and challenges presented by working in a digital world
  • How HR can revolutionise ourselves to help the digital transformation within organizations

Camilla Kelly, Human Services Manager (AU & NZ), John Deere


Training, technology and cultural transformation

The cultural transformation required to ensure the successful rollout of your learning experiences is a vital component of your planning and rollout process. This session will explore practical strategies to ensure your envisaged learning journey has a strong uptake.

  • Adopt a design thinking perspective to ensure you see the rollout from the perspective of your users
  • Creating different ways to influence a learning culture, whilst overcoming challenges
  • Ready, set, go – how to create a wow experience for all stakeholders

Lucy Marles, Learning & Organisational Development Lead, Cromwell Property Group


Afternoon tea


WORKSHOP: Key management skills for new HR leaders

Making the move from HR business partner to HR manager can be a daunting prospect, but this workshop will equip you with the practical skills to thrive in your new role.

  • Creating a positive culture in your HR team
  • How to build your credibility and personal brand as an HR manager
  • Tips for presenting your ideas to the management team

Michelle Loch, Director, Leading Humans


Closing remarks and end of conference day one


Opening remarks from the chair

Naomi White, Managing Director, MetamorphCo


Fresh perspectives on employee engagement in a changing landscape

Employee engagement is important to business success, and even more so during times of organisational change. How can HR continue to drive employee engagement and create a positive culture, especially in the context of changes in leadership, and how do you communicate about the unknown?

  • What role does HR play in management of change and supporting employee engagement?
  • Embracing new leadership and management expectations
  • The role of communication – what you say and what is heard
  • Driving engagement, retention and productivity in your workforce throughout the change journey

Jane Shand, Chief Human Resources Manager, Queensland Rugby League


CASE STUDY: Examining Holden's approach to ensure engagement in employee transition

  • How to integrate a positive culture change through leadership
  • The cost benefits involved with increased employee engagement in the workplace
  • Best practice in promoting employee engagement as a transition strategy
  • A case study of Holden's cost-effective approach to re- training transitioning employees

Jamie Getgood, Director, Getgood Consulting


Morning tea and networking break


PANEL: How to embed an inclusive recruitment process

The world has changed over the last two years and HR is changing with it. We are now seeing unprecedented levels of workforce diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity, culture, religion and sexual identification.

  • Widening the diversity lens beyond gender issues
  • Bias-free recruitment processes
  • Creating an inclusive culture where everyone is comfortable being who they are
  • How to embrace diversity and inclusion in your workplace


Linda Carroll, Head of People & Culture, Affinity Education Group

Vicki Klunyk, Former GM People & Culture, SurfStitch

Simon Tufrey, Human Resources Director-Australia, NZ, & Fiji, Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific

Christine Ung, Group Manager Employee Journey, People and Performance, The Star Entertainment Group


Naomi White, Managing Director, MetamorphCo


Networking Lunch


Creating an effective framework for career development

Employees generally want to be good at their job but the vast majority, some 76% according to statistics, are looking for some kind of career growth and development. For line managers, understanding an individual’s development expectations, as well as their own expectations and behaviours, has never been more important to retain the best talent and develop their team’s full potential. Plus, organisations that have a transparent and structured approach to employee career development have a real competitive advantage.

In this session, Claire will explain the practicalities of:

  • Simplifying career planning for employees
  • Creating organisational and systemic synergies
  • Making targeted learning catalogues align to your framework
  • Having an integrated talent strategy

Claire Badger, Talent Practice Director, Rizing

Session presented by  Synchrony Global


Afternoon tea and networking break


How to design a future-proof learning strategy

The faster technology changes, the quicker your employees’ skills are out of date. How do you design a learning strategy for your people that won’t be redundant tomorrow?

  • Why you must think holistically about your learning strategy to bridge the skills divide
  • The key components of a modern skills-focused learning strategy, and the role of content
  • What a modern content experience looks like (and what to avoid!)
  • How to ‘future-proof’ your strategy so you and your people stay skilled-up and relevant

Sarah Hudson, Learning & Development Manager, Aurecon


WORKSHOP: Authentic HR leadership

This interactive workshop will help you to create a culture that is respectful, dynamic and resilient, while drawing strength from diversity.

  • Ensuring that the senior management team possess and display the integrity, commitment and values that the organisation promotes and instils in its workforce
  • Setting and modelling the culture, values and behaviours under which the entire organisation will operate
  • Dealing with challenging ethical dilemmas and scenarios that test your leadership

Gwilym Davies, Director, Gwilym Davies HR Consultancy (Former Head of People Performance and Culture, Brisbane Airport)


Closing remarks and conference concludes



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