Bob Hogarth

Bob Hogarth


New Lens Consulting

Bob Hogarth is a multi-award-winning leader, HR senior Executive, Board member, consultant and speaker.

Bob’s inspirational leadership has resulted in his teams winning numerous national awards, including HR Team of the Year, awards for Talent Development and multiple Employer of Choice Awards.

Bob is the confidante of CEOs and Senior executives and has been a mentor to many from emerging leaders through to seasoned professionals. Bob is a strategic thinker and practitioner who works with leaders at all levels.

Bob has practical experience and a proven record of success. He has facilitated Strategy Development for organisations and assisted them to understand what success looks like and how to achieve it, while also having the skills to built bespoke solutions from policy development through to full organizational plans for a range of companies and industries.

Bob’s passion is to help organisations and leaders improve their performance, to establish cultures that enable people to realize their potential and in turn for them to encourage others.

Bob is known for his high level of integrity, clarity of vision,  his ability to build strong and vibrant corporate cultures, his good natured sense of humour, and the ability to see to the core elements of the issue. 

Eduardo Nofuentes

Eduardo Nofuentes

Founder, Enterprise Agile Coach

Agile Eleven

Eduardo Nofuentes is a passionate lean and agile business coach, consultant, speaker and blogger who has built a successful career assisting non-software teams adopt lean and agile ways of working.

As co-founder of The Agile Eleven, Eduardo has been a leader in the implementation of agile practices across the organisation, with a focus on developing agile leaders equipped to grasp opportunity and respond to disruption in times of accelerating change.


E: www.theagileeleven.com

James Della Porta

James Della-Porta

Regional Sales Director

ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll

James is a dynamic and experienced leader who has worked with a large number of organisations across Asia Pacific over the past 20 years. Helping customers utilise technology to modernise their business, enabling significant efficiencies, business insights and improving both the employee and customer experience. James is passionate about leadership and has run a global program with the goal of transforming managers into true leaders. Believing we are in a time of innovative technology disruption, James is enthused by the positive changes new technologies are bringing to the way we work and develop talent.


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